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Denis BAIZE - Recherches & Expertises en pédologie

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Pédologie générale – Typologie des sols

1989 - Baize D. - Planosols in the "Champagne Humide" region, France. A multi-approach study. Pédologie, XXXIX-2, Ghent, pp.119-151. English
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1990 - Baize D., Girard M.C., Ruellan A. & Boulaine J. - The new French reference base for soils ("Référentiel pédologique"). Basic concepts and special features. Communication orale acceptée au 14ème Congrès de la Science du sol, Kyoto, pages V-16 à V-21. English

1990 - Bruand A., Baize D. et Tessier D. - Water retention and shrinkage properties of clayey soils as influenced by clay mineralogy and clay fabric. – Proceed. 14th World Congress of Soil Science, Kyoto, pages VII-406 et 407. English

1993 - Baize D. - Place of horizons in the new French "Référentiel Pédologique". Catena, 20, 4, p. 383-394. English

1994 - Bruand A., Baize D. & Hardy M. - Prediction of water retention properties of clayey soils : validity of relationships using a single soil characteristic. Soil Use & Management, 10, 99-103. English

2002 – Baize D., King D. et Jamagne M. – The "Référentiel Pédologique" a sound reference base for soils – a tool for soil designation. pp. 85- 92 in Soil Classification – 2001 – E. Micheli, F.O. Nachtergaele, R.J.A. Jones and L. Montanarella (eds). European Soil Bureau research Report n°7 Euro 20398 EN, 248 pages. English

Éléments traces dans les sols et risques de transfert vers les plantes

1997 - Mench M., Baize D. & Mocquot B. - Cadmium availability to wheat in five soil series from the Yonne district, Burgundy, France. Environmental Pollution. Vol. 95, n° 1, pp. 93-103. English

1997 - Tremel A., Masson P., Sterckeman Th., Baize D. et Mench M. - Thallium in French agrosystems. I. Thallium contents in arable soils. Environmental Pollution. Vol. 95, n°3, pp. 293-302. English

1997 - Tremel A., Masson P., Garraud D., Donard O.F.X. Baize D. et Mench M. - Thallium in French agrosystems. II. Concentration of thallium in field-grown rape and some other plant species. Environmental Pollution. Vol. 97, n°1-2, pp. 161-168. English

2001 - Baize D. et Sterckeman T., - Of the necessity of knowledge of the natural pedo-geochemical background content in the evaluation of the pollution of soils by trace elements. The Science of the Total Environment, 264, pp. 127-139. English

2004 - Sterckeman T., Douay F., Baize D., Fourrier H., Proix N. et Schvartz C. – Factors affecting trace element concentrations in soils developed in recent marine deposits from Northern France. Applied Geochemistry, 19, pp. 89-103. English

2005 - Sterckeman T., Douay F., Baize D., Fourrier H., Proix N. , Schvartz C., Carignan J. - Trace element distributions in soils developed in loess deposits from northern France. European Journal of Soil Science. Vol. xx – pp. xxx-xxx. English

2006 - Lamy I., van Oort F., Dère C., Baize D. – Use of major-trace element correlations to assess metal migration in wastewater irrigated sandy Luvisols. European Journal of Soil Science English

2006 - Bourennane H., Dère C., Lamy I., Cornu S., Baize D., van Oort F. & King D., - Enhancing spatial estimates of metal pollutants in raw wastewater irrigated fields using a topsoil organic carbon map predicted from aerial photography. 20 pages Science of the Total Environment English

2008 - van Oort F., Jongmans T., Lamy I., Baize D. & Chevallier P. – Impacts of long-term waste-water irrigation on the development of sandy Luvisols: consequences for metal pollutant distributions. European Journal of Soil Science, 59, pp. 925-938. English

2009 - Baize D. - Cadmium in soils and cereal grains after sewage sludge application on French soils. A review. Agronomy for Sustainable Development, 29, pp. 175-184. English

2009 - Baize D., Bellanger L., and Tomassone R. - Relationships between concentrations of trace metals in wheat grains and soil. Agronomy for Sustainable Development, 29, pp. 297–312. English

2015 - Baize D. - Impact of sewage-sludge spreading on soil and crop quality – Results from a French thorough survey. accepted by Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus Journal (Croatia) English

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